The Charity...

Pershore Riverside Youth Centre

PRYC is run as a charity (reg number 1156413). Established in 1995, when the building of the now ASDA supermarket forced a relocation to the current site. This was the best thing ever, as the charity now own the building and importantly it has great grounds. A group of 11 trustees have made it all happen and continue to give their time and support to ensure the highest quality provision and vision for the future. 


There is 1 full time employee (Youth Leader / Centre Manager), a team of part time staff and some amazing dedicated volunteers. 


PRYC is a genuine community facility. The focus is firmly on provision for young people, providing positive activities for all that want to join in, and focusing support and guidance for those that need it most. 


Historically the operations, staff and building costs were paid for by County Council. However, all youth support has been victim to the cuts, and now PRYC is a 100% stand alone and have to generate all our own funding from activities and donations. 

The River Festival is arranged by volunteers and trustees of the Youth Centre, all money raised from the Pershore River Festival will go towards supporting the Pershore Riverside Youth Centre. 

Visit the Youth Centre website for more information and to make a much needed donation: